Ethan Hoekstra

Acrylic | Oil

Ethan considers himself incredibly blessed to possess a remarkable gift that allows me to bring the visions inside my mind to life with acrylics or oil paints on canvas. Through the harmonious blending of realism and fantasy, I strive to create vibrant compositions that intertwine colors and perspectives. Nature, with its awe-inspiring landscapes and magnificent creatures, serves as a profound inspiration for me. Additionally, my faith plays a significant role in my artistic endeavors, as I often explore my thoughts and concepts that relate to my beliefs.

My conviction in the Lord Jesus Christ is unwavering, and I view my artistic talent as a precious responsibility entrusted to me. I aim to steward and share his gift, utilizing it to bring peach and comfort to those who encounter my artwork. The tranquility and joy I experience when contemplating the privilege bestowed upon me by the Holy Spirit is something I hope to convey through my creations. I am profoundly grateful for this opportunity to express my gratitude and touch the hearts of those who engage with my art.

In all things, I attribute the glory to God, for He is the source of my inspiration, creativity, and blessings.

Instagram: @ehoeksgallery

Facebook: @artgalleryhoeks

Example Work

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