Jill Quillian

Silk Artist and Calligrapher

My career involves two passions; teaching and fine art. Both passions have enabled me to create. My passion is an all-encompassing love, zest, and harmony, in this case, for art and teaching. Sometimes I am consumed by the fervor to create. A pencil, brush, or pen in my hand brings a feeling of contentment, escape, absorption, and brings me joy, fulfillment, and a sense accomplishment.

I have spent my working career teaching elementary school children for almost 40 years. Even summers were spent teaching calligraphy and art in summer school for many years. About twenty years ago a friend shared her experience with painting on silk. I was immediately hooked. I incorporated all my years of studying the calligraphic arts from International Calligraphy Conferences, Silk Painters International Festivals, workshops, retreats, clinics, and classes.

Retiring from teaching and moving to Colorado opened new doors to the art world. Here I belong to the Colorado Calligraphers Guild, Colorado Society of Artists, and the Littleton Artist Guild. I am President of the Rocky Mountain Silk Painters and am the Chapter Chairman for Silk Painters International. My studio, Jill’s Quills and Singular Silks, is where I teach calligraphy and silk painting. I also participate in silk demonstrations, art shows, and classes. My work is bright, primary, and created from within. My backgrounds are filled with multi-medium painting to which I add meaningful or playful texts.

Each silk I create is a one-of-a-kind painting, usually integrating calligraphy and imagery.

When we know how to play, we follow the golden thread back to the joy, back to playtime.

Website: jillssingularsilks.com//

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @jillquillian

Facebook: @jillsquills

Example Work

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