Joe McManis

Acrylic Painting

I have always considered my life as a painting in progress, changing composition and colors with every new experience. My background as a graphic designer has had an influence on how I approach my subject matter. I received my BFA from MIU in Fairfield, IA where I studied sculpture as well as painting, along with a minor in art history. My art continues to evolve and mature as I interact with other artists and patrons allowing me to gain new insights into the visual experience of life.

I paint with acrylic on canvas, primarily with a palette knife applying thick layers of paint in vibrant colors. My paintings are abstract depictions of Rocky Mountain wildlife. The tactile quality of my work draws in the viewer and confronts them with a close encounter with an elusive and sometimes dangerous animal. They capture the essence of the of the animal’s primal nature interpreted in a modern style.


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Example Work

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