Tony Lazzari


Of the many hats I wear, or have worn over the years, including technologist, telecom guy, Realtor®, Dad, Husband, athlete, Coach, road cyclist, etc. I am finding that I most enjoy grabbing my camera, tripod, and lens bag and heading out exploring. Sometimes with a specific destination in mind or a particular shot I want to capture, others just to see what grabs my interest. I have recently upgraded my equipment to a Sony A7M4 and am continually upgrading lenses. I have learned photography is not taking pictures. It is a world of creativity and vision that can draw one in deeply. I come to this later in life but have an open mind and a strong interest in expanding my knowledge and craft. Landscape, nature, night skies & street/urban images garner most of my attention, although if I see something from an odd or interesting angle, I’ll grab a shot.


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @tonylazzariphotography

Facebook: @TonyLazzariPhotography

Example Work

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