Valorie Snyder


Sparkling light and rich, joyous color are characteristic of Valorie Snyder’s oil paintings, including portrait, still life, and landscape. Her paintings combine rich classic traditions with contemporary subjects, resulting in a style which speaks to today’s audience. Her "Contemporary Realism" style reflects her Classical Realism training and keen appreciation of the Impressionistic style. She specializes in painting portraits and a wide variety of other custom commissions.

Valorie is a native Colorado artist who has exhibited locally and nationally in numerous shows, competitions, and galleries. Among her many awards was a commission to create portraits and other art for the movie's opening title sequence, “Homeless For the Holidays." The Rocky Mountain District Kiwanis Foundation selected another of her paintings for an edition of prints to benefit The Children’s Hospital in Denver.

"My goal in painting is to capture a fleeting moment and preserve it for all time. It may be the momentary expression of a child or light dancing through trees in a landscape. A moment not captured is lost forever.

I enjoy depicting people in ways that tell a story and draw the viewer (you) into the painting to think about your story. Often that story has a universal truth that connects us all. Every person is uniquely beautiful; my calling is to see and portray that beauty."


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Example Work

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