Donna Trunz

Mixed Media | Painting

Donna found her artistic path on a journey of healing. After the death of her first son in 1996, she was inspired to write and illustrate a children’s book in his memory. While bringing her vision to life, she rediscovered her childhood love of art. Through the years, she has continued to create and explore new mediums.

Donna loves to create large abstract works in acrylic and mixed media. Though primarily intuitive, her art is influenced by her background in geophysics and early career working with satellite imagery at NASA. From microscopic mineral structures to vast swaths of terrain, organic lines and shapes spark her creativity. Her mixed media works often incorporate natural elements such as crystals, minerals, wood, metals, and precious stones.

Inspired by the natural beauty and energy around her, Donna feels as though she is dancing with spirit as her compositions evolve.

Website: donnatrunzfineart.com/

Email: [email protected]

Example Work

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