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Steve Mitchell has been a woodworker since childhood and as an adult has designed and built many different pieces of furniture for family members and friends. After his retirement from his career as a teacher, he was able to devote more time to the craft and took up serious scroll saw art two years ago. As soon as he completed his first portraits of horses for his grandchildren, he was hooked. This led to dozens of scroll saw portraits of wild animals, pets, landscapes, and people.

Steve has always wanted to learn new techniques and challenge himself with more difficult projects and this led to the discovery of Shaker boxes and the science of bending wood with steam. He altered the traditional boxes by re-designing the lids to accommodate inlaid scroll saw patterns using resin and turquoise powder. Themes of these designs include ancient Celtic, Norse, Aztec, Hawaiian, and African symbols, as well as signs of the Zodiac and mountain scenes.

More recently, he has revisited the rectangular side of the world by designing other functional art pieces in the form of jewelry boxes, valets, and wall mounted organizers. All of these projects include scroll saw designs, most of them inlaid.

Steve has greatly enjoyed the process of creating artistic pieces using various woods and will endeavor to continue coming up with unique designs featuring his scroll saw work.



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